I'm located in Bountville, Tennessee neighboring Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City.  I have worked with many local middle and high schools such as West Ridge High School, Dobyns-Bennett High School, Daniel Boone High School, Volunteer High School, Sullivan Central Middle and Sullivan Heights Middle.  I currently serve as the Official Sports Photographer for West Ridge High School.

I grew up playing sports and spending time making memories with my dad at ballparks, basketball courts, soccer fields and any other sport I played or we watched together.  These are some of my most cherished memories with my family, thus making my photography for sports such a passion.

I was an art major in college for a year and I love to creatively edit a typical photo into an out of the box - you have just got to take a second look at this - image!  I want to capture those moments for you whether playing on the field or playing in a field with family and friends.  Let me capture not only the excitement of winning or the disappointment of losing but all those moments in between.  

I also love photographing high school seniors and giving them a once in a lifetime experience to "show off" their different personalities, hobbies, etc.. 

When its all said and done, instead of searching through hundreds of images on a digital file or on your phone I will walk you through choosing those cherished images to display and share with family and friends and to last for generations to come.  

Just send me an email on this site or feel free to give me a call at (423) 782-8462 and let's get started!